The Transplanted Garden

This Spring was our 23rd and it was a successful season, once again. I want to extend a large Thank You, to everyone that has helped make this Business a success. Customers, Suppliers and especially our Staff, without whom, this would have never happened. But this will be my last season.

There have been many life changes in the last several years. The most important one, Allen’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease in the Spring of 2019, three years ago. He had been having increasing difficulty for a few years prior to his diagnosis. Removing him from his element when we evacuated for Hurricane Florence in 2018 really brought to the surface just how far along, he was.

For two years now, the Business has been listed for sale. I have received an offer, that has been accepted. It is solely for the property itself. There are however, two separate individuals that have shown interest in the Business. They are each now looking for land, to relocate the business.

For three years, I have been running The Transplanted Garden, with the help of our amazing staff, taking care of a home, neglecting my garden, and the most importantly, tending to, and organizing for, Allen’s increasing needs. Even with in-home care, it has been overwhelming and exhausting.

Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for 23 Seasons.

And yes, I am sure.
502 S. 16th Street, Wilmington, NC 28401